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3 Things the Pandemic Showed Us

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The recent health crisis made three things glaringly obvious.

The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. ~Masanobu Fukuoka

#1 We need STRONG local agriculture!

When the local grocery store chain is out of eggs...your local egg guy (or gal) is not! The hens did not stop laying because a pandemic came to town! Our food chain is delicate. Lesser dependence on food that comes from far away places, means we are less impacted when the supply chain is disrupted. We need robust local agriculture. Local farms need our support...every month of the year! When the bigger systems fail us...our local farmers will not. If we take care of and support them now, they will reciprocate and take good care of us when it really matters!

#2 Health is Wealth!

Our immune systems and our bodies only function at their best, when we are feeding them the best. As cliche as it sounds, we truly are what we eat. Not only is local food fresh, it's more nutrient dense! It wasn't picked before its prime, and shipped thousands of miles. It was grown with love and fresh sunshine. It hasn't been sitting under the florescent lights of a grocery store. (It also hasn't been handled by dozens of hands and potentially sneezed on!) When animals are raised in relaxed environments and slaughtered humanely, their meat won't be full of stress hormones. They will be higher in good fatty acids, and meat of animals that had the chance to move around, and exercise will be leaner. Farm fresh eggs have a brighter orange yolk (next time you crack one open, take notice) Happy hens who forage and have a varied diet will provide eggs richer in nutrients and omega 3. Overall the nutritional content of locally grown food will be higher--that means more key nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep you in top form! Cheers to taking care of yourself and staying healthy and strong!

#3 Home Delivery Is Here To Stay

Having purchases delivered to the door for some is a way of life and for others it is a luxury...but in the midst of a became for many of us a necessity! So many business models adopted online marketplaces and offered delivery options. Many of us have grown accustomed to the convenience of shopping from home. Most grocery delivery services are through large chains and do not offer much in regards to local agriculture. Most local farmers cannot sustainably offer delivery of their products to your door. Front Door Farmer's Market provides a solution! We allow the community to shop locally, shop small, support local farmers AND spend more time in your pajamas (well that's how I picture you doing your online shopping...because to be honest...that's how I do mine!)

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